The origins of the Dublin City Hurricanes baseball club are found in the early days of Irish baseball. In the wintery months of 1998, Jim Kilbride, the first captain of the Hurricanes, selected the players for the new team during the adult draft held at Bowe's pub on Fleet Street in Dublin's city centre. Mike Kindle was the first player taken, and after Kilbride, has always been known as the "second Hurricane". Other original players including Cormac Eklof, Tom Kelley, Gus Hernandez, Stuart Blaine, Tom O'Malley, Phil Keogh, and Tom Kerrigan made up the first ever Hurricane squad. So, the Hurricanes joined the two other newly created teams in Dublin: the Spartans and the Panthers, and the Belfast based Northstars, to make up the 1998 league. 


The Dublin Hurricanes are one of Baseball Ireland's most successful franchises, having won six National Championships and numerous player awards. They have also taken part in several European club competitions including tournaments in Prague, London and Antwerp.

The Hurricanes were the first Irish club baseball team to take part in European competition.


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